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      Welcome to Hung Choy Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd. website!


      About us

      Huizhou Hung Choy Cosmetics Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is affiliated to HongKong HungChoy Group.It was founded in early 2003.
      The company has 100000 grade clean workshop, and execute strict implementation of clean production and implementation of comprehensive quality control system.
      GMP Approved Cosmetics OEM Specialist.


      R.O.water treatment system to ensure the production water in line with the requirements of cosmetics production.
      Multi-standard programmable vacuum emulsifying equipment to meet the production orders of different quantities requirement.
      Pneumatic filling machine to achieve sterile operation without touch.


      Fifteen thousand kilograms of semi-finished products can be processed every twenty-four hours.
      Five hundred thousand semi-finished products can be filled every twenty-four hours.
      Five hundred thousand finished products can be packaged every twenty-four hours.
      We have more than two thousand of mature


      OEM: Services of Brand licensing to manufacture or import (content) incoming packaging for customers to create exclusive brands of cosmetics.
      ODM: Offer full one-stop considerate service from brand registration, brand planning to product design, formulation research and development, product manufacturing. 



      [email protected] 2015 Hung Choy Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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